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While we set this site up to give customers information about a local “bricks and mortar” Yorkshire butchers shop, we understand that many of our visitors don’t have the chance to simply call in and chat with us. Therefore, we decided to put a collection of useful resources and information drawn we hope you’ll find useful.

This section is an ongoing project which we’ll be updating at least once a week in one of the following sections

Check out our collection of recipes covering the range of products sold in-store (naturally, you don’t have to buy the ingredients from us, but we think it tastes better if you do).
Tips of the Trade
A collection of tips, advice and general resources covering all aspects of butchery, meat preparation and storage from our expert team.
Ask The Butcher
If you have any questions about DJ Horsley Falsgrave, or butchery in general, why not take advantage of our years of experience and drop us a line?

Our Latest Recipe

Sarah's Cheddar, pork and beef burgers

Mature Cheddar, Beef and Pork Burgers

Gorgeous, flavoursome burgers with little need for any added condiments!

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White and Red Meat: What’s the difference?

Find out the answer to this and other questions in this section by our expert butcher.

Ask The Butcher