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Tips of the Trade

A collection of tips, advice and general resources covering all aspects of butchery, meat preparation and storage from our expert team.

Cooking Methods Part 1 : Dry Heat

A guide to the common dry heat cooking methods, including roasting, baking, grilling, broiling, barbecuing and all manner of frying things!

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Cooking Temperature Conversion Chart

Chart containing equivalent farenheit, celsius and gas mark temperatures, with text descriptions.

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Cow: cuts of meat

Beef Cuts Chart

Find out more about the different cuts of beef, along with recommended cooking methods and suggested dishes.

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Pork Cuts Diagram

Pork Cuts Chart

Pork cuts chart with recommended methods of cooking, as well as suggested dishes.

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Lamb Cuts Diagram

Lamb Cuts Chart

Diagram and descriptions of the main cuts of lamb, with suggested dishes and methods of cooking.

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