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Rindless Back Bacon - ready to slice

There is something unmistakable, and incomparable, about the taste and smell of bacon.

Often seen as the “gateway meat” tempting vegetarians back to eating meat, even confirmed meat-eaters seemingly can’t get enough of the flavour (see: baconnaise, bacon salt and even bacon vodka!).

Despite having such a distinctive flavour, bacon works equally well alone as it does supporting other ingredients, particularly chicken. It can be found in such dishes as the classic English breakfast, bacon and lentil soup, Hunters’ Chicken, Spaghetti Carbonara and Pigs-In-Blankets, although it has been noted that everything tastes better with bacon!

While any cut of pork can be cured and sold as bacon (or gammon), the most common cuts come from the loin (back) or the belly (streaky), with gammon joints taken from the leg.

Bacon can also be smoked or unsmoked (also known as “green bacon”), both of which are equally popular though smoked is slightly more expensive.