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Gammon Steak

Cheshire Oak logo This succulent, bacon-cured end fillet of pork leg is a British classic.

Note, there is a subtle difference between gammon and ham. Gammon refers to a joint carved after the pig has been cured, whereas a joint of ham (usually a whole leg initially) is removed prior to curing. In practice, however, it is usually possible to distinguish between the cuts by taste alone, with gammon possessing a stronger, slightly sweeter flavour.

We are proud to source our gammon from Cheshire Oak, who cure the meat using their own traditional method, with no added water declaration.

Gammon Steak

This thick cut pub lunch favourite works beautifully with egg or pineapple. As with other steak cuts, it should be ether broiled (grilled) or pan-fried.

Gammon Joint

Unlike other joints, gammon is often cooked with the intention of eating cold (which is not to say it isn’t delicious warm – just remember to let it stand for around 15–20 minutes to settle before carving).

While our Chesire Oak gammon is a mild cure that doesn’t need to be soaked prior to cooking, we recommend bringing the joint to the boil from cold water once before cooking to remove any excess salt granulation. After that, roast, bake or boil as usual.

All our gammon joints are sold pre-boned.