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British Leg of Lamb

With its distinctive gamey flavour, particularly in old-season lamb (or hogget), lamb is often seen more as an occasional treat than the ubiquitous beef, pork or chicken.

Perfectly suited to traditional favourites Shepherd’s Pie and Lancashire Hotpot, as well as curries and kebabs, lamb has also started to develop a more continental, à la mode reputation as recipes like Lamb Kleftiko and Lechazo Asado gain popularity.

Possessing a range of distinctive and instantly identifiable shapes, lamb makes a fantastic centrepiece for any meal.
Whether you choose a commanding leg or a delicate set of lamb shanks, a stately Guard of Honour or the majestic Lamb Crown, our highly trained staff are dedicated to making your presentation perfect.

To ensure you get the most tender meat, we hang our lamb for between four and 21 days, depending on the cut. Spring lamb, which is already naturally tender, is the exception to this rule.

DJ Horsley Falsgrave is proud to sell nothing but quality British lamb, direct from local suppliers, free from growth hormones and with full traceability details available in-store.

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