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Horsley's Loin of Pork on the bone

“The Other White Meat” may not actually be white meat, but it does bridge the gap between chicken and red meats (like beef and lamb) in both cost and healthiness. That it remains one of the most popular meats worldwide is testament to both its quality and value.

Like chicken, the success of which the 1987 US advertising campaign tried to capitalise on, pork has a mild flavour, making it perfectly suited to a variety of sauces, seasonings, rubs and glazes.

It’s the fattier cuts like belly pork, and specifically that wonderful, inimitable pork crackling, however, that really separates pork from its rivals.

All DJ Horsley Falsgrave’s pork is hung for between four and seven days before sale, to allow the maximum amount of tenderisation without spoiling the meat.

We are also proud to sell nothing but British Pork, direct from local suppliers and with complete traceability details available in-store.

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