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Leg Of Pork

Whole leg of pork

Another popular roasting joint, a leg of pork is much leaner than either pork belly or loin.
Whilst healthier, this can also make it susceptible to drying out and harder to get good crackling.

At DJ Horsley Falsgrave, we sell our pork leg on the bone, though we will de-bone it in-store free of charge if you prefer.

Besides whole pieces, we also sell pork leg cut into the following joints

Shank End (£2.38 / kg)
The cheapest of the three cuts and more suitable for braising and pot-roasts
Middle Fillet (£4.38 / kg)
A quality joint with less bone than its neighbouring cuts
End Fillet (£3.60 / kg)
Another high quality cut but containing more bone than the middle fillet

See our pork cuts chart for more information.