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Fresh poultry on display

Chicken Out! Campaign for a Free Range future. From the ubiquitous chicken (did you know there are over four times as many chickens on Earth as people?) with its subtle, versatile flavour to the rich tones of Gressingham duck, poultry is as diverse as it is well loved.

While the health benefits of the white meat content in chicken and turkey are regularly extolled, it is easy to overlook the moist and intensely flavourful dark meat found in duck and goose (and chicken and turkey as well – find out more about the differences between white and dark meat here).

Naturally, while some products are available year-round (such as our chicken or duck breasts), we only stock items like goose and turkey seasonally. However, even if we don’t have something in-store, we’re always happy to order items in for our customers – why not get in touch with us to discuss your needs?

DJ Horsley is proud to use Soanes & Sons of Middleton-on-the-Wold as our local poultry supplier. Soanes raise free-range, grain-fed birds with the space to express themselves naturally.

Unlike a certain high-profile supermarket chain, we mean it when we talk about welfare standards. That’s because not only do the birds have a higher standard of living, but you get a leaner and better-flavoured product at the end of it.

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