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Duck Breast

Duck Breast Fillets (with skin)

Rich, moist and full of flavour, duck breast is almost the polar opposite of its chicken counterpart.

Popular in oriental cuisine, duck is complemented perfectly by ginger or fruit (such as plum, orange and rhubarb), but take care not to drown the natural tones.

Seen as an unhealthy option by many due to its high fat content (11%), duck is only marginally fattier than chicken (on a par with pork and much leaner than lamb) with the skin removed. Of course, removing the skin leads to a less moist and flavoursome result and increases the chances of overcooking the piece. Overcooking is, of course, the last thing you want to do with duck, which should be fried or grilled until just pink.

DJ Horsley Falsgrave sell Gressingham Duck with the skin left on, however we are happy to remove this in-store free of charge if you wish.

Unlike other products, we cannot source the high quality Gressingham duck breed locally, so we use Gressingham Foods of Suffolk, who are the only company in the world licensed to produce this breed.