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Part of our own-recipe gourmet sausage range

One of the oldest prepared foods in the world (with mentions as far back as Sixth Century BC China and Ancient Greece), the sausage has blossomed from a need to preserve excess meat for future use into a respected food category in its own right.

With hundreds of sausage varieties now available, and almost as many sausage recipes to use them in, the Great British Banger isn’t just confined to breakfast tables and sandwiches on-the-go.

At DJ Horsley Falsgrave, we have been hand-making and linking our own-recipe sausages for over two decades. We’re so proud of the quality of both our meat – unlike some supermarket brands, there’s no mechanically recovered or short-dated meat here – and our handiwork that customers are welcome to come in and watch us make them on-site.

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