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Pork Cuts Chart

Pork Cuts Diagram
Spare Rib

A cheap yet very versatile cut containing a high bone-to-meat ratio.
This cut is also known as the American favourite baby back ribs.

Recommended cooking method: grilling, broiling, baking, barbecue, roasting, braising, boiling
Suggested dish: Sticky barbecue ribs

Our Price

Spare Ribs : £4.00 / kg (£1.81 / lb)

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Shoulder Blade

Relatively tougher and fattier than other cuts, this cheaper is still very flavoursome but requires slow cooking to tenderise.
Pork shoulder is also often used to make sausage meat.

Recommended cooking method: braising, stewing, roasting, pan-frying
Suggested dish: Cider braised pork shoulder

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Sweet, succulent cut with a slightly higher fat content that makes the perfect roasting joint.
Its subcut, the tenderloin, is a lean boneless cut used in a variety of pork dishes.
Back bacon is also taken from (cured) pork loin.

Recommended cooking method: roasting, broiling, grilling, pan-frying, baking, braising
Suggested dish: Broiled pork chops in a creamy mushroom sauce

Our Price

Boneless Loin : £6.99 / kg (£3.17 / lb)
Loin (on the bone) : £5.00 / kg (£2.27 / lb)

Pork Steaks : £6.99 / kg (£3.17 / lb)
Loin Chops : £5.00 / kg (£2.27 / lb)

Unsmoked Rindless Back Bacon : £7.06 / kg (£3.25 / lb)
Smoked Rindless Back Bacon : £7.83 / kg (£3.55 / lb)

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Popular, lean cut; usually roasted but equally at home grilled or pan-fried

End Fillet

Incredibly flavourful, this is a tender, mid-priced roasting joint.

Recommended cooking method: roasting, grilling, pan-frying, barbecue, braising
Suggested dish: Stir-fried pork fillet with chili and ginger

Our Price

Leg (end fillet) : £3.60 / kg (£1.63 / lb)

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Middle Fillet

Like end fillet, this popular roasting joint taken from above the knee is lean and tender, though with less bone than surrounding pieces.

Recommended cooking method: roasting, grilling, pan-frying, barbecue, braising
Suggested dish: Roast pork stuffed with sage, onion and apple

Our Price

Leg (middle fillet) : £4.38 / kg (£1.99 / lb)

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Shank End

Cut from below the knee joint, this muscular cut may be less tender than its neighbours but is more affordable.
Suited to either roasting or braising, it should be cooked slowly to tenderise.

Recommended cooking method: braising, roasting, grilling, barbecue
Suggested dish: Marinated pork and pepper kebabs

Our Price

Leg (shank end) : £2.38 / kg (£1.08 / lb)

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Also known as the picnic shoulder, the lower shoulder joint is a muscular, inexpensive cut suited to slow, moist cooking.
The hand is leaner than its shoulder blade counterpart.

Recommended cooking method: braising, stewing
Suggested dish: Braised pork and chorizo in red wine

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The fattiest cut makes a deliciously moist roasting joint with fantastic crackling.
Streaky bacon is also taken from here.

Recommended cooking method: roasting, grilling, barbecue, pan-frying, broiling
Suggested dish: Slow roast pork belly

Our Price

Belly Pork : £4.38 / kg (£1.99 / lb)

Streaky Bacon : £6.06 / kg (£2.75 / lb)

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A flavourful, cheap cut, often sold smoked, that is usually braised or boiled for soups.

Recommended cooking method: braising, boiling, stewing
Suggested dish: Smoked pork hock terrine

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The cheapest, toughest cut that has undergone a recent resurgence in popularity.
Due to the high amount of connective tissue, pigs' trotters need to be moist-cooked for a long time to tenderise.
Cooked trotters are also often sold pickled as a snack.

Recommended cooking method: braising, boiling
Suggested dish: Pork Cheese (also known as Head Cheese or Brawn)

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